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Welcome to the supersite for kitchen cabinets in Las Vegas Nevada! We will have some excellent information on kitchen and bath remodeling and good contractors to choose in the Las Vegas area.

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Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes Video:

What Chiropractic Has In Common With Kitchen Remodeling

Yes, I know it sounds strange, comparing chiropractors to kitchen remodeling but you will soon see what I mean. Kitchen cabinets are heavy…VERY heavy. When our friends bought and installed their own cabinets, they both tweaked their backs pretty bad and ended up having to get back adjustments from Chris Mcneil Chiropractor for over three months.

If you plan on doing your own remodeling, you might end up needing a chiropractor too. It might be smart to get them installed professionally instead. If you do still plan to do them yourself, be very careful because I don’t want you to end up like our friends, who ended up spending thousands of dollars on chiropractic care which ate into their home remodeling budget.


Our Crazy Kitchen Cabinet Remodeling Ordeal

We live in Las Vegas Nevada and just recently had all of our cabinets re-done in our kitchen. Normally, that’s a good thing but in our case, it was a three week absolute nightmare that I never want to have to deal with again.

Our biggest mistake was choosing to do this remodel ourselves. My husband is very “handy” and good at this type of stuff but self admittedly, he had never torn out or installed new kitchen cabinets in his life. He also has a full time job and we have kids and a life so lot’s of “time” issues as well.

Anyway, tearing existing cabinets out should only take a few hours but it ended up taking us over 2 DAYS! They weren’t coming out right and at one point, part of the wall came off with the cabinet. This was an absolute nightmare, and at this point we hadn’t even started trying to install the new cabinets yet.

Once we finally got the old cabinets out and our damaged wall fixed, we picked up our beautiful new kitchen cabinets and were very excited to put them in. I figured this would take an entire Saturday at the most.

Wrong again!

Getting our new cabinets in took almost 2 entire WEEKS! That is weeks, not days! It was one problem after another. One cabinet had a chip so we had to get a replacement. Another had some mild discoloring that we had to fix. That was the easy part though. The real issue was trying to FIT these cabinets into our available space and properly (and safely) attach them to our walls. That is where the true nightmare was.

To make a long story short, what should have taken a couple of days (at most) took us over two weeks and ended up costing us lots of extra money, aggravation and frustration. We DID finally get our new cabinets installed and they look absolutely amazing, but whoa was it awful.

If you are ever considering new/replacement kitchen cabinets, I highly recommend that you have a professional do the job. It’s totally worth it and it’s one of the best things you can do to make your kitchen look more amazing. It may also even increase the value of your home, which is another nice plus. Best of all, it feels amazing when you have the kitchen of your dreams and you end up cooking more and spending more time with family and that’s what life is really all about anyway isn’t it? I know it is for us anyway.